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An update

Shiviks, Jan 24, 11 5:32 PM.
so i thought it might be time for another update...

i know its been quiet and i apologise for not coming online eventho i am still the guild master, it seems that i cant get on nexus in any way possible and i'm trying to solve this

yes, i am, eventho it seems a bit pointless since no one seems to be online anymore...i know i'm probably writing this for the beautiful eyes of the pope and might aswell just say this to a smiley face on my hand cuz i know that most of you have probably already moved on to another private server or retail and have forgotten about The Shadow Legion.. i cant and wont blame anyone for this as it is only normal you all did we all know... WoWgasm died... hardly any people online anymore on any of the realms...

even because of all of that i still feel it is my duty as the guild master to keep you all up to date wth whats happening...just in case any of you stumble across this site again.

so here comes the update:
Snype and I are currently playing on retail...we are to b found on the realm Azuremyst on the alliance side.
Our dearly beloved Razzaya, who is still the rightful guild master, has had his surgery and he has informed me that all went well and that he's on recovery as i write this...tho due to private issues he IS going through a rough time .. i feel sorry for him and i wish him well and good luck in the near future

other than that there is a chance we have found a NEW private server and if snype agrees with me this might just be our new private server...alltho since WoWgasm died i have been searching for many private servers with the main thought of having one that would feel like WoWgasm the most...cuz i think most of you would agree that it was indeed a nice server with a nice atmosphere.

if any of you have found one which you feel thats quite simular to WoWgasm, please leave the name of it in the comment section...i would love to have us all being together again like we were on wowgasm because guys...truth be told...i miss it a lot...

i miss you all and i miss the laughs we could have in the guild...i hope some of you will read this because then maybe there will be a shot of us gettin reunited again :)

with love, Shiv

Temporary new Guild Master.

RazzyRazzTSL, Nov 19, 10 1:03 PM.
Dear Guildies,

As you might know I have a surgery coming up. And well, the surgeryi is in two day from now. I will not be able to be the GM/Captain of this guild when I am in the hospital. It might take some weeks before I have the opportunity to come online.

The plan was to make Snype the new GM but I have decided give the position to Shiv instead. The reason is that I think we should have a woman as Captain for some time and because she deserves it. She has been here from the start. I met her many months ago in our former guild and she has helped me to make this new guild. She often said she did not think she had the qualities to be a good GM. I beg to differ and this is her opportunity for her to prove it.

When I am back, I will take on the GM/Captain position again. Until that moment, all hail our new Captain Shiv.


Your former Captain Razzaya.

New design website.

RazzyRazzTSL, Nov 18, 10 7:04 PM.
Hey sexy people of this guild,

As you can see I have made a new design. My apologies for taking so long, but I had a few busy days. The design is made with the guild colors in mind. I would like to thank Shiviks (Jari) for making the guild logo, it is the same logo as we have on our guild tabart. So with our new guild-house and this new design I hope we are all complete.



Welcome all

Akasnype, Sep 3, 10 11:41 AM.
Hello everyone. Just a quick update really...
The Giuld House is finally set up but unfortunately nothing much there so we are trying to save Guild Tokens so we can build and expand the Guild House. In future it will be divided into sections/areas. one part will be used for RP meetings, another part will be used for PvP and the last section will be used for vendors/trainers.

If you have any additional ideas as to something more we can include please feel free to post it in the Forums section. Thank you.



Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Akasnype, Aug 29, 10 11:07 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
So-and-so has logged on!